Peter Watson

Peter Watson was born into a family where the rhythm of the seasons dictated the cycle of life - making jam, bottling sauce, preserving fruits and vegetables in season. It continues to this day.

Retail Hours - 23 Robert Street Collingwood 3066

Monday to Friday 8 am to 4 pm




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  • Liquor France and desire
    Call me old fashioned, call me yesterdays man, tell me I am an ostrich, I am all of that, I am maybe lots more as well. But I think that what went on yesterday and the day before and before that made us and what makes today richer and more real is our history. What […]
  • So long and thanks for the fish
      So long and thanks for all the fish…   There are times when the prospect of a Vogon super highway blasting the earth into mini matter, seems like a plan.   I adored Hitch Hikers Guide to the gallaxy. I also adored Douglas Adam’s work and then the bloody man up and died. If […]

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